Protect animals, crops and our homes – ban sky lanterns now

We want a safer, cleaner, greener countryside for us all to enjoy. The UK Government should bring in a total ban on sky lanterns in England and Wales without delay. 
Every year up to 200,000 sky lanterns are released in the UK. These floating flames are highly dangerous.
They can:
Start wildfires
Kill animals
Destroy food growing in fields
Set homes and buildings alight
And the litter they leave in their wake is a blight on our beautiful countryside.
The threat posed by sky lanterns is greater during the summer months. As the weather becomes warmer and drier, the risk of wildfire increases. More animals live out in the fields and could eat fallen lanterns, potentially leading to injury and even death. That’s why action is needed now. 
So far 186 councils out of 333 across England and Wales have voluntarily banned sky lanterns but this only covers the land they own. We know that the UK Government is listening and this issue is on the political agenda.
A total ban would mean that sky lanterns cannot be launched from anywhere in England and Wales. 
Germany, Austria and Brazil have already implemented a ban. It is time for us to do so, too.
Sign this petition to Defra to show you support a total ban.

To: The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

"I want a total ban of sky lanterns in England and Wales. These dangerous floating flames cause wildfires, harm both farm and wild animals and litter our beautiful countryside.

I value the work you have done so far to highlight this issue and I understand there are plans for Defra to collect evidence about the destructive impact of sky lanterns.

I endorse the work that the NFU, National Fire Chiefs Council, Keep Britain Tidy and the RSPCA have done to bring to attention the impact sky lanterns can have.

Please use this petition as evidence that I wish sky lanterns to be totally banned in England and Wales."

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