Do you agree that farming and British food production should be high on the next government's agenda?

82% of you think that the next government should set targets to increase British food production.*

Farming plays a critical role in all our lives, providing our food, delivering on food security for the country, shaping the countryside we love and enhancing the natural environment. 

Britain's farmers and growers need action from the next government: 

  • A long term plan for food and farming
  • Prioritising British domestic food production in the budget
  • Ensuring that more food served in schools and hospitals is produced on British farms
  • Fairer treatment for farmers and growers

Farming cannot fail, it is too important for this country. If farmers can increase domestic food production, it will create more jobs and deliver more to the UK economy.

Add your name if you agree that action is required.

More than 1 million people made the last government sit up and listen when it came to the the importance of standards for animal welfare, food production and the environment in UK trade deals. The next government must also listen to us all. We will send a letter to the new Secretary of State responsible for Food and Farming with the total number of people who believe that British food production should be a political priority, but we won't share your name or email address.

* Source: More in Common research, Farming for Britain's Future October 2023