Call on your Senedd representatives to oppose the new NVZ regulations

Last month, the Welsh Government announced that from 1 April, it will designate the whole of Wales as a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ), which will have huge implications for all farmers and farming businesses as well as the supply chain and rural economy.  

On the basis of the evidence, it is clear a whole Wales NVZ approach cannot be justified.  There is also scant evidence that an NVZ approach will be effective.  Instead farmers are calling for an evidence based system, proportionate to the risk and targeted to areas where water quality improvements are needed.

NVZ regulations will undermine and stifle farming in Wales. We urge our Senedd representatives to reject these regulations and put in place a system that improves the environment enabling our industry to continue producing top quality, affordable food in a sustainable way.

If this will impact your farm business, then make your voice heard by writing to your Senedd representatives and urge them to vote against these regulations when the motion is brought to the Senedd on 3 March. 

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